Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saving Money by Buying a Used Sailing Boat

When looking for a sailing ship, there are many different features and questions that should be asked beforehand. The consumer will need to know how many people he will be sailing with on a regular basis, what classes of boats are allowed in the waters where he will be sailing, whether there are shallow waters or bridges to deal with, and what type of material he prefers the boat to be made from.

When he has a lot of these features and questions answered for himself, then he can start to look at the different types of sailing boats. He will want to decide whether he wants to go with a new sailing boat, which he knows is under warrantee and has all new components, but he will have to take the hit in the depreciation of the boat in the first year, or if he wants to go with a used sailing boat, in which there may be little to no warrantee, used parts, but the boat will hold its value better over time since the first year has passed by.

Buying Tips
There are certain tips that people should follow when purchasing a used sailing boat. The first is to ask how old the boat is and how often it has been used over the time that the person has had the used sailing boat. If the person bought the used sailing boat from another person who had used it, that is usually a red flag warning sign that the boat should be avoided since it is harder to check for abuse of the boat over time when there have been multiple owners.

If there has only been one owner and the boat is only a year or two old that is the most ideal situation for buying a used sailing boat. These boats have not had much time to suffer abuse and they are also often under the initial warrantee on the boat for another year or two.

Regardless, the person should take the used sailing boat to a mechanic to get a professional opinion on the condition of the boat before purchasing it. The boat should also be taken out on the water so that the person can get a feel for how the boat handles and if it is the right boat for him to buy.

If all of these situations check out, then the used sailing boat is a great purchase. The previous owner will have taken the loss in depreciation, the boat will still be in good condition for years to come if properly maintained, and the buyer will have paid thousands less than buying it new.

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