Sunday, August 23, 2009

Buying a Sailing Boat- What You Should Look Out For

It doesn't matter if you are keen in buying a simple sailing boat or one with the latest gadgets and technology. You still have to look out for certain basic things when buying a sailing boat.

If the sailing boat for sale is a used boat, you have to exercise even more caution. For a start, you need to check out its maintenance records and having a professional mechanic to examine the boat.

If the sailing boat for sale is brand new, then you should be more concerned about how the boat is going to be used, in what types of waters, and how many people will be on board the boat most of the time.

So how to go about choosing the boat?

One thing to consider is your own experience in managing a sailing boat. If you are a beginner, then start by renting or borrowing different types of sailing boats to have a feel which one suits you best. A boat is a sizeable investment for most so be sure that sailing is not just a passing whim, but something you will enjoy in the long run. If the boat is only going to be used once or twice per year, then you may consider renting a boat instead of buying one.

Where will you be sailing in will decide what type of boat you need. Shallow waters require a shorter keel. Crossing bridges means you should not have mast that stands too tall. The storage capacity you need will depend on how long you intend to stay in the open sea.

Buying a sailing boat requires you to do some homework so don't rush into buying one without giving it due considerations. Of course, you can also consider charter sailing.

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